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Free movement is very important to a healthy person. It allows us to take on our daily activities with no pain, and lots of fluidity. Functional yoga refers to dynamic and compound types of yoga. There is no better practice than yoga or animal locomotion for the purpose of free movement.

Yoga can improve our joint mobility and muscle flexibility, therefore improving the fluidity of our movement. To feel light, balanced and in control is a gift that we should all take care of. To build an animal-like body that can move, crawl, jump, squat, run, climb, flip, slide, and handstand.

Yoga can condition our body to build strength and flexibility in the right muscles and mobility in the right joints. It can enhance our body’s self-awareness and enable us to move freely, which has a tremendous impact on our life quality, health, and well-being.

Flexibility vs Mobility
Flexibility and mobility are related to each other, but improving one may not significantly affect the other. Flexibility has more to do with how much a muscle can stretch and mobility has to do with muscular strength, flexibility, and balance, but also joint functionality and fluidity.

  • Flexibility is the ability of a muscle to stretch or lengthen during a specific movement. The more a muscle can stretch the more flexible it is. Flexible people can access more postures, and poses that can build greater strength and have a lower incidence of tightness and injuries.
  • Mobility is the ability to perform functional movement patterns with a broader range of movement without pain. It depends on muscles around the joint, their strength, flexibility and balancing characteristics, neuromuscular coordination (intramuscular and intermuscular), and joint strength, fluidity, and mobility.

Evidence-Based Benefits of Yoga on Flexibility, Mobility & Athletic Performance:

  • Improves Functional Movement Screen Results
  • Improved the Ability to Perform Compound Movements
  • Improved Mobility and Joint Fluidity
  • May Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain and Improve Mobility
  • Hatha Yoga as Effective As Stretching-Strengthening Exercises
  • Improves Self-Reported Occupational Performance and Balance in Patients with Chronic Brain Injury
  • Increases Specific Muscle Flexibility and Static (Isometric) Strength
    In Basketball Players, It may Increase Speed Endurance, Vertical Jump, Free Throw Score, Tactical Execution, and Three-Point Shots.
  • Improves Spinal Mobility and Hamstring Flexibility.
  • Improves Range of Motion (ROM) in FMS (Functional Movement Screen).
  • Improves Eyes-Closed Balance.
  • Improves Hip and Shoulder Mobility.